Leaders: Karen Sillery & Fiona Murphy
Assistant: Niamh Prendergast
Ratio:   8 children to 1 staff member
3 years to 5 years

In our pre-school room we have decided to adopt our own twist on the Montessori method of education. Our room leader Laura is currently NOT Montessori trained but from previously working in two different Montessori rooms over the past four years she has gathered a substantial amount of experience and learning techniques. We have acquired the basic equipment but aim to teach it in a more alive and fun manner.


  • 9:00- Enter room, welcome
  • 9:15- Montessori time
  • 10:15- Clean up
  • 10:30- Circle time/Group discussion: Always do the days of the week and months of the year. Letterland. News.
  • 11:00- Snack time
  • 11:15- Toilet break
  • 11:20- Art time/Baking time
  • 12:00- Garden time (sleep time for some children)
  • 12:30- Free play
  • 1:00- Sandwich time
  • 1:30- Storytime
  • 1:55- Toilet break
  • 2:30- Snack time
  • 2:45- Imagination play (kitchen, shop, doctor, hairdresser, dress-up)/Music and Movement/Buntus
  • 3:30- Outdoor time
  • 4:00- Dinner time
  • 4:30- Colouring time/Constructive toy time
  • 4:50- Toilet break
  • 5:00- Book time
  • 5:30- Free play
  • 6:30- Home time

On Wednesdays in our Pre-school Room the children enjoy a Playball session with Carl and Henry, they really and truely love Playball and at least once a day we are asked "is it Playball day?"



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